Three Ways you can Help Prevent Commercial Auto Claims

September 19, 2018

Distracted Driving.jpg

It’s every business owner’s nightmare – finding out that a company vehicle has been stolen. Or even worse, getting a phone call that one of your employees was involved in an auto accident in a company vehicle. Auto thefts and auto accidents are not only dangerous and terrifying, but they’re also expensive to fix, time consuming, and involve working with insurance adjusters. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could do something to help prevent accidents and theft so that you could avoid dealing with all those issues? Actually, you can. By taking a few simple measures now, you can drastically reduce the chances of having to submit a claim for auto accident or theft. 

Here’s our top three things you can do to help prevent an automobile accident or theft:  


Implement a company-wide policy to prevent distracted driving.  

Adding a zero-tolerance distracted driving policy into the company handbook will go a long way in preventing auto accidents.  The company policy should include

  • No texting or talking on cell phones. To enforce this, it’s possible to purchase a device that disables cell phone use while a vehicle is moving. Phone use is re-enabled when the vehicle is put into park.  

  • No grooming such as fixing hair, putting on make-up, or shaving 

  • No eating meals while driving.  Encourage your employees to take a break to eat.  Relaxing at a restaurant, a park, or a quiet place will help re-energize them for better productivity and help reduce stress. 

Secure your vehicles.  

Taking a few simple precautions can help in recovering a stolen vehicle – or even prevent a theft from occurring in the first place.  

  • Install a video security system. The information that cameras provide in case of an auto theft – such as what time the vehicle was stolen, how many people stole it, a description of the robber(s) - will help the police recover your vehicle much faster than they could otherwise. A video security system can be purchased on Amazon for less than $200, although large systems can cost more than that.  

  • Use common sense when you park your vehicles overnight. Parking in a well-lit place near your building will deter potential thieves more than parking in a dark corner at the edge of your property. If possible, park your vehicles inside a garage and secure the doors with a lock. 

Put a GPS in your vehicles.  

Thanks to modern technology, your vehicles’ locations can be tracked in real-time with a tiny GPS device. Many of these sync directly with your smartphone, which is extremely useful if your vehicle is stolen or involved in an accident. A GPS unit can be purchased on Amazon for well under $100, depending on the features you’d like. Make sure to place the unit in a hidden location such as in the trunk or under a seat so that a thief won’t find it. 

Of course, having a proper commercial auto policy is still an important part of your business strategy. Contact us today for your complimentary consultation!