The Three Most Common Pitfalls in a Commercial Insurance Policy

June 21, 2018

Even though commercial policies can be complex, there are some key things to look for in your policy that are the cornerstone of your coverage. What should you be looking for? Read more


A Thank you to Ilene Shapiro 

February 21, 2018

Thank you to Ilene Shapiro, Summit County Executive, for speaking at the Akron Chapter NTMA Meeting on February 21, 2018 at Archbishop Hoban. Read more


Demystifying Insurance: 3 Ways Your Commercial Agent Should Be Helping You

February 19, 2018

Commercial insurance policies can be quite complex, especially as exclusions and endorsements seem to muddy the waters. Ultimately, it is the agent’s responsibility to clarify policies and help clients understand their coverage. Read more


a two-part plan to mitigate sexual harassment claims in the workplace

January 4, 2018

Based on today’s headlines, it seems that this respect thing has run amuck within many organizations. We want to believe that we are an advanced and intellectual business society, yet ongoing news featuring people in power positions taking advantage of those in subordinate positions paints a very different picture. Read more


Four Valuable Qualities in an insurance agent

September 7, 2017

Although there are many wonderful, reputable insurance agents, it is no secret that there are agents that simply do not adhere to professional and ethical principles. Yet how can a business owner tell the difference between the two, especially when every agent claims to have integrity and quality customer service? Read more